What is Motion Blur Reduction? Here’s everything you need to know

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Have you noticed images trailing or appearing blur whenever there is fast motion on the screen? It could be happening while playing fast-paced games or scenes involving high-speed motion. That’s a display artifact known as motion blur.

Apart from being an irritating disturbance, it could be an eye soar too and can also cause a headache during a long gaming session. It also drastically affects the gameplay. Without motion clarity, you won’t be able to enjoy your games as much as they deserve. That’s where Motion Blur Reduction comes in. It reduces the on-screen motion blur and, in the process, improves the visual quality.

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What Is Motion Blur Reduction?

Motion Blur Reduction
Motion Blur Reduction(Source::LG)

Motion Blur Reduction is a feature now very common in almost all modern-day gaming monitors. Its main purpose is to reduce the blurring during a fast motion scenario that is being displayed on the screen. It employs a phenomenon called the sample-and-hold, which displays the same frame till the screen refreshes.

Without the motion blur, you will be able to focus more on your gameplay, which will positively impact your gaming performance. Not only will you experience smoother visuals, but your long gaming sessions will also be more comfortable and less straining to your eyes.

Why Does Motion Blur Occur?

To understand the reason behind the motion blur defect, you have to understand how modern screens display motions. Any motion on the screen is a series of pictures displayed consecutively in fast sequence, which our mind perceives as movements.

How fast the display will change a picture or frame on the screen is determined by its refresh rate. For example, a 60 Hz monitor can refresh 60 pictures or frames per second.

On the other hand, a 120 Hz monitor will be able to display 120 pictures or frames per second. Each picture comprises millions of individual pixels. During the change of frames, these pixels change colors to display the next frame.

However, in some scenarios, like fast-paced games, these pixels could not change colors and brightness at the same pace as that of the refresh rate. Consequently, the image on the screen appears blurry, and the phenomenon is termed as ‘Motion Blur.’

How Motion Blur Reduction Works?

You can get a higher refresh rate monitor that inherently reduces motion blur. However, most modern gaming monitors are also equipped with motion blur reduction technology, generally known as MBR.

The motion blur reduction works by reducing the time a frame is displayed on the screen. Another way is to switch off the backlight between refreshes, also known as the strobing effect. Your eyes will not register these changes, but you will be looking at each pixel for a shorter period.

However, your mind will perceive images to be clearer and smooth, just like the old crt screen. The major benefit of the MBR feature is that it can be turned ON or OFF depending upon the need. However, for the MBR to be effective, your GPU must have the power to produce fast enough frames per second.

Different brand names For Blur Reduction

Almost every major display brand includes motion blur features in their monitor. However, they have their own specific name for the MBR mode in their monitor’s settings. Here are some brand names for blur reduction;

  • LightBoost by Nvidia
  • Ultra Low Motion Blur or ULMB also by Nvidia.
  • PureXP or Pure Experience, proprietary of ViewSonic
  • Dynamic Accuracy or DyAc in short by BenQ
  • Extreme Low Motion Blur by ASUS
  • Visual Response Boost or VBR by Acer
  • Aim Stabilizer by Gigabyte Technology
  • MotionFlow Impulse by Sony
  • 1ms MPRT by LG

You can on or off this feature in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu of the monitor or via a software utility.


For a perfect, highly enhanced gaming experience, the display needs to be free from visual artifacts. The technology that goes into modern displays also gives rise to motion blur.

It could significantly impact your gaming experience. However, with a simple MBR or Motion Blur Reduction feature, you can address this irritating issue. Therefore, if you love high-speed gaming, you must understand the working of motion blur reduction to ensure smoother, more fluid visuals on the screen.

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